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Pre school, Day Care, Activity Center

Custom-tailored programmes for children Skyrock International not only provides a safe and secure environment for your children, but also encourages them to explore and grow under the guidance of well-trained staff.

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The prime years of a child hold a lot of importance for various reasons - development of his / her self-esteem, social skills and creativity. Our premise is exclusively designed to facilitate the same and also by keeping in mind the comfort and safety of children.

Skyrock International features –

  •   Well-lit, spacious and fully air-conditioned classrooms

  •   Child-friendly and ergonomic furniture

  •   Hygienic

  •   Healthy Food

  •   Huge play grass area for role play and dramatics

  •   Top quality equipment and props

  •   Innovative teaching aides

  •   Splash pool for kids

  •   International Curriculum

  •   Mini Auditorium

  •   Apparatus for developing fine and gross motor skills

  •    Soft GYM Room

  •    CCTV Monitoring

  •    Doctor On Board


Setting up a strong foundation is of paramount importance as it establishes a base for life. What they learn, adapt and grasp in the initial years, defines their future to a great extent. This also helps the mentors and parents to gauge and understand the child’s strong and sensitive points, which can be worked upon. Termed as their play years, children in this age group are introduced to several individual and group activities that help in their overall development.

As we see our program as a child’s first step into the real world comprising of school, friends and social norms, we tend to focus on exploring their arts and creative interests as well. We believe that children deserve to be themselves for as long as they want to be and we encourage this by supporting free play, imagination and outdoor activities as much as possible.

Our curriculum focuses on -

  •  ​Providing a stimulating environment that helps children interact with their peers.

  •  Making necessary resources available like toys, books, games and puzzles that cater to the children’s inquisitive minds.

  •  Helping the children form a routine that eases the transition from home to school

  •  Evolving the children’s personalities, fine and gross motor skills


Skyrock is a home away from home as we offer creche services for children with working parents and ensure that they are well taken care of. In addition to all the pre-school facilities for continued learning throughout the day, day care children are also provided with beds for nap time. Apt for the age-group 2 to 6 years, our day care service is looked after by two full-time childcare professionals and additional part-time help, in a setting where your child will enjoy a structured, junior preschool learning, art and play program.

Mother-Toddler Program

Children are natural learners and cognitive research shows that a child learns better through experience and experimentation. Also, the mother child bond is second to none, so a combination of both tends to be a great example of enjoyable learning. This program has been designed for children between the age group of 1 year to 2 years, keeping in mind the following -

  • Exposure to the toddler’s imagination.

  • Initiate the love for learning in children.

  • Mothers can voluntarily participate in the program to strengthen their bond with the child.

  • Music & Movement

  • Camp & Workshops

  • Birthday Parties

  • Play Dates

  • Art & Craft

  • Roots of Empathy

An exclusive smart app created especially for parents to monitor their child’s academic routine with a single click. Prime features -

  • Child Safety tracker

  • Child live view

  • On demand video conferencing

  • Notifications on your child’s activities

Fun Activities Include 

Music and Movement

Helps toddlers learn how to express emotion by learning to communicate through music and dance.

Action Songs


Finger Play


Stimulates muscular development in toddlers.

Gentle Stretching

Baby Yoga



Promotes intelligence resulting in toddlers cognitive development.

Art & Messy play

Block Play

Clay Play

Kitchen Play

Out in the garden

Promotes physical development, large motor skills and facilitates sensory stimulation.




Sand Play

Water Play


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