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Ensuring the safety of every child at Skyrock Preschool is our utmost priority, embedded in the very essence of our educational philosophy. From the moment our students step into our vibrant classrooms, they enter a sanctuary meticulously designed to foster growth and security in equal measure. At Skyrock, we recognize that a sense of safety is the cornerstone upon which all learning and exploration rest. It's why we spare no effort in implementing rigorous safety measures, from comprehensive staff training to state-of-the-art security systems. Every aspect of our environment, from the layout of our facilities to the selection of materials and equipment, is thoughtfully curated to prioritize the well-being of our young learners. Here at Skyrock, we don't just educate—we provide a nurturing haven where children can thrive, knowing they are protected and cherished every step of the way.


Nutrition : In order to develop healthy eating habits in the child, we are offering food as well as request the parents to pack in nutritious meals while the teachers encourage the students to finish their meals on time. Food is being checked for quality on regular basis.

Hygiene : Our washrooms are especially designed keeping children in mind with all amenities at child level. Children are also taught basic hygiene such as washing hands before and after eating.

Doctors On Board : Sometimes emergencies cannot be ignored, hence we tied up with child specialists for immediate responses.

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